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Our team has excuted and developed several custom Software tailored to specific requirements and a work flow unique to certain businesses. First we understand your Business flow issue and provide with the best automated solution to it, tailored perfectly to cater to your Business need. 

Need to automate your Business flow? Or need a higly customized solution which off the shelf softwares fail to provide? Contact us today.

Cloud based Software

We design and develop web-based software that is easy to deploy and can be securily accessed from any place using any device. Reduce your Server setup and maintenance costs by opting for custom cloud Solutions.

Tailored Solutions

We build applications from scratch based on client requirements. Each business has its own way of working and many a times ready of the shelf software do not cater to unique problems in your system. We undertand your requirement first and develop the best custom solution to improve your Business.

Business Mobile Application

We can develop mobile application, iOS or Android, that is exclusive for your Business. A great way for Businesses to integrate their existing systems to user-friendly Mobile Application. Such applications can be downloaded and used only by an employee of the Business.

Desktop Software

Inspite of the advantages of web based applications, some Business would choose to go for Desktop applications. We have vast knowledge and experience with desktop applications as well. Windows based applications designed to customer requirements.

A few custom software solutions we developed


Quotation and Order process - Tabbaa Kitchens, Jeddah
Tabbaa Kitchens contacted us to make a system for their unique workflow. They were not able to find a ready software to automate their Sales and ordering. We are developing a custom web-based solution, tailored to cater to their unique workflow. With multiple logins and access levels, beautiful dashboards for quick easy access, reports, easy tracking and many more features aimed not only to automate the process but to make it easy for users and management.


Parking Ticket System - Abusarhad
Developed and deployed a Car Parking Ticket System for Abusarhad Transport. Abusarhad needed a software to print parking tickets at their temporary parking area outside Makkah in Nawriya during the month of Ramadan. We developed and deployed a Windows based application with six clients to issue tickets to commuters.


AIMS Aids Management System - State of Florida, US
We developed this Medical application for the State of Florida to keep track of HIV positive cases and manage these cases by assigning doctors for counselling


Online Training Center - MS Education
MS Education is a global institute with students from all over asia and middle-east. We developed an online examination portal for them where students can enroll and take online tests with instant results.


Created customer satisfaction Survey's with result dashboards and reports. 


Market Links
Created several online survey tools for tablets to collect marketing data.


Alif Alif FM Radio - Job Portal 
Developed a Job portal for a particular show on the Radio for Jobs. 


ITQAN - Binzomah group 
Itqan creates electronic circuit products. For one of their water level sensons, they needed a web interface that records the water level and creates alerts based on these water levels. SMS is sent as an alert. We developed the interface and web services to generate these alerts.