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Multimedia & Design


We have extended our services beyond core programming to Multi-media, Design, Digital Marketing, Virtual reality, Gaming etc. 


Virtual Reality

Aljawna is currently doing R&D on VR related Mobile application solutions. We have a POC ready for VR based 3D modelling which can be used in Construction and Interior Design. Do ask us for a sneek peek of the POC. 


2D-3D Walkthrouh Videos

We have successfully done 3D walkthrough videos for a UK based client.

You can view the video below
Click here to watch Video


Infographic Reports and Design

We have designed infographic reports for several clients. Data is valuable and needs to be presented with the same value. We have transformed excel sheet and other data into meanigful and insightful Infographic style reports. Send us your data and let us do the magic. 


Digital Marketing & SEO

With the rise of Social Media, it makes sense to market your product and services thru these channels. We help you create, manage and execute your Digital advertising on Social Media channels. 
We also offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization) solutions to improve the visibility of your website on the different Search Engines.